Caledonia Junior High

Student Registration

 We want to welcome all future Cal students and provide lots of information about our great school. We have delivered a registration form to all elementary schools who feed into to Caledonia for families to make some decisions about registration for next year. In grade 6 student need to decide if they will proceed with English program or Late French Immersion. Our Late French Immersion Meeting via zoom will be Feb 16 @6 pm. Zoom link will be posted on our website and sent to elementary schools. The second decision is whether students will take band or not. Band is a one year committement and careful consideration is needed as classes are developed based on those decisions.  We have developed a few videos about Cal that we will send along to elementary schools as well and post to our website.  We will also be holding a Caledonia Zoom meeting in February for Caledonia famlies to learn about our school. We will post all details.

Current Cal students

We want to hear from each of you as well. A one page registration form will go home to all classes for student to identify if they will be in English or Late  French Immersion. Band or non Band for next year. Remember Band is a full year committment and will reguire you to complete the full school year. 

Grade 9 Students and Prince Andrew/Dartmouth High Registration

Mrs Williams will visit all classes this week to start giving information about HIgh School Registration. More communication from the high schools to come in the next few weeks.