Caledonia Junior High

Welcome Videos for Future Grade 7 students in case you want to take another look.

We would like to Welcome you to Caledonia Junior High future Grade 7 students.

Here is a copy of the videos for Grade 7 students.


We have sent a zoom link to all elementary schools who feed into Caledonia Junior High. We hosted a zoom Late French Immersion Meeting  on Feb 16, 2021 @6 pm.

We  hosted a Future Grade 7 meeting via zoom on Feb 23, 2021 @6pm.


Here are a few videos we made for Future Grade 7 Families and their students.


Tour of the building.

At Cal Video

Message from Caledonia Junior High

Special Thank you to Mr Forde for all his video production skills.

Kind Regards

Andrea Pugsley-Connell

Principal Caledonia Junior HIgh.