Caledonia Junior High

What do I do on the first day of School

We will be excited to welcome you at Caledonia.

How do I find my class or teacher?

On or before September 6 each family will recieve an  email with  the homeroom listed and the students homeroom teacher. On the first day of school all teachers will be in their area to pick up their homeroom classes and help students get to their homerooms.


For example if I recieve  my homeroom at 701 and my homeroom teacher as Jillian Crowell. I would look for Mrs Crowell outside the front door on the first day. She will have a sign with the homeroom number 701.

All grade 7 students line up in the front of the building.

All grade 8 students line up in the back of the building and

All grade 9 students line up on the side of the building near the skate park an basketball courts.


Will I go to my first class.? No students will remain in their homerooms for the first two hours to have a chance to get schedules, lockers etc and time to get to know the routines at Caledonia. Teacher will take the time to get to know you as well.

What time do I come to school?

First class starts at 8:45 so it is best to be at school by 8:40 am. The end of the day is 2:45 pm.

When is lunch time?

Students are dismissed for lunch at 11:45 am and return for 12:40 am. If students are staying at school they must head directly to the lunch room for 11:45.

We are excited to Welcome you to Caledonia Junior High.