Caledonia Junior High

ANS Literacy Corner

Student Voice and African Heritage Month
We are excited to share with you 6 videos that were made for elementary teachers to use in their
classrooms from our ANS reading corner. Caledonia Junior High students wanted to give back to
school communities and they have chose local authors and children’s books that they wanted to
share with younger students. Mr. Forde and the students took over my office and made a Literacy
corner where they recorded themselves reading children’s stories by local authors to share with local
elementary schools. We are pleased to present their videos.

All Because You Matter- Tami Charles

Africville- Shauntey Grant

Amazing Black Atlantic Canadians – Lindsay Ruck

My Hair is Beautiful- Shauntey Grant

I Am Perfectly Me- Keonte Beals and Antonio Beals

Up Home- Shauntey Grant